Registration Type Cost
Basic 100.00 EUR (Registration Closed 2020-09-19)
  • Congress materials & Organization costs
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Congress dinner
  • Coffee/refreshments
  • *120 EUR if payed at the Conference desk in cash
  • *Fee for accompanying person 40 ЕUR
  • Please request an invoice
All-in-one 185.00 EUR (Registration Closed 2021-09-16)
  • Basic registration
  • Three half boards in a 1/2 room, three star hotel Boat trip to St. Naum
  • *205 EUR if payed at the Conference desk in cash
  • *Fee for accompanying person 125 EUR
  • Please request an invoice
Flexible 0.00 EUR (Registration Closed 2020-09-16)

More comfortable accommodation in four star hotel, or in a 1/1 room, as well as stay longer than 3 days and full board is available at special Conference prices (lower than if going through with the following extra fees:

Extra day in a 1/2 room, in a 3* Hotel:                       26 EUR/day

Accommodation in a 1/1 room:                                   10 EUR/day

Extra day in a 1/2 room, in a 4* Hotel:                        35 EUR/day

Accommodation in a 1/1 room:                                   14 EUR/day

Full Board (extra meal):                                               5 EUR/day


Meal:                                                                          10 EUR/meal

Welcome Cocktail:                                                       12 EUR

Boat trip to St. Naum:                                                  14 EUR

Congress Dinner:                                                          22 EUR

FEES FOR PAYMENT (in case of individual combinations of ALL IN ONE Registration)


3* Hotel

4* Hotel

Half Board* for:

Double occupancy

Single occupancy

Double occupancy

Single occupancy

3 days

185 EUR

215 EUR

212 EUR

254 EUR

4 days

211 EUR

251 EUR

247 EUR

303 EUR

5 days

237 EUR

287 EUR

282 EUR

352 EUR

* In case of full board add an extra 5 EUR/day

Registration fees can be paid to the following account:


Acc. No. 0270100104927

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, Kej Dimitar Vlahov 4, 1000 Skopje, R. of Macedonia

S.W.I.F.T. KOBSMK 2X                                     IBAN MK07300701001049216

NB: Please order your bank to cover all transfer expenses (Apply OUR mode!)

За учесниците од Македонија уплатата (во денарска противвреднст) да се изврши до:

Уплатата да се изврши до (може и на општа уплатница):

– назив на примач: СХТМ Скопје

– адреса: Институт за хемија, ул. Архимедова бр. 5, Скопје

– жиро-сметка: 300000001352895 Комерцијална банка, Скопје

– даночен број: 4030954350704

– цел на дознака: котизација за 26-ти Конгрес

Registration Manager

Name Aleksandra Buzarovska
Mailing Address Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Ss.Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia